Annual Report-2014
Health Care Project
Behbud Association Lahore

The year 2014,a year of unrest, terrorism,political upheavals, indiscriminate killings….plunging happy, contended individuals into individuals into shattered, confused and depressed inhabitants. In this gloomy atmosphere of the country, a group of committed doctors, paramedics and social workers emerged as a silver living negating these negative, inhuman activities, trying to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate citizens.
There has been gradual rise from 2029 patients in the year 2005 to 62687 in the year 2014.The progress is reflected in the graph and comparative study.


Human Resource and Disciples
28 highly qualifies doctors give free consultation to the patients in different disciplines i.e. medicine, surgery,pediatrics,ENT,Eye,Skin diseases, Cardiology, T.B, Early Breast Cancer,Psychologic and Psychiatric consultation,Gynae & Obstetrics, Dentistry, Primary/Secondary Infertility Clinic and Rheumatology.

There is a fully equipped Pathology Laboratory, Digital X-Ray, Doppler Ultrasound , Echocardiography and fully equipped Physiotherapy department attached Gym looked after by experienced personal.

Medical Camps
Medical Camps were organized in Shadrah, Ghousia and Naseerabad Medical Centres once every week till 2014.Later, on account of the non feasibility of the project the committee decided to discontinue holding campus at Shahdrah and Ghousia Centres.
02 new medical camps are established in Sher Shah Abadi and Shah Jamal Kachi Abadies.
The patients are referred to Behbud OPD for diagnostics further consultation and treatment.No. of patients attending these camps were 3448.
Out Patient Department
Patients are given consultation, treatment and diagnostic facility at extremely nominal charges in the out patient department at Behbud Complex.
This year consultation was given to 2539 Rheumatology patients, 16582 General patients, 1529 patients benefitted from Physiotherapy. In dental clinic 239 patients were given consultation along with minor procedures,353 patients were attended to in family planning clinic and women health clinic catered to 396 patients.
Audiometery was set up in April this year.So far 34 patients were examined and advised.
No. of patients availing the diagnostics facilities was as under:-
2014 2015
• Lab.patients 6453 8676
• Ultrasonography 1046 1370
• X-Ray 1630 1622
• ECG 89 146
• Audiometery 34 103

AWARNESS LECTURES on different topics were arranged every month to educate the students and workers about health needs and care highly experienced and able doctors deliver these lectures.


Despite the scarcity of funds, association was able to realize its dream of improving and augmenting the health project. Donation/income record during the year was RS. 1,20,37,188/- where as expenditure incurred was RS. 1,37,12,965/-exhibiting a deficit of RS. 16,74,777/-
Investments made till 2014 was with NAFA and NSC
• NAFA 84,86,350/-
• NSC 25,00,000/-
Total 1,09,64,350/-


We are grateful to our esteemed doctors for their generous contributions which enabled us to provide quality health care to our patients. Without their financial assistance the project could not have been made viable.
I wish to put on record the contributions made by Arthritis Care Foundation, The Eisaar Trust and Bali Memorial Trust, who not only helped monetarily but also provide voluntary services.Arthritis Care Foundation (AFC) provided financial assistance towards diagnostics of RS. 2,45,950/- and also supplied medicines in kind worth RS. 11,13,892/-for Rheumatology patients attending OPD at Behbud.
The Eisaar Trust gave Rs. 9,60,000/- towards 30% health staff salary to Behbud and Rs. 32,838/- for diagnostics.08 Hepatitus C patients were diagnosed and treated free of cost for 9 months.The Trust spent Rs. 3,49,525/- on the treatment of these patients.
We are also indebted to our regular donors who have been helping us through the year.

Registered Donors

• ALM (Private) Limited 20,00,000/-
• Ahsan Raza 12,00,000/-
• Raaziq International 9,00,000/-
• Mrs.Mussarat Amanullah 3,00,000/-
• Mrs.Seema Sajjad 2,75,000/-
• Mrs.Rubeena 2,50,000/-
• Medilerranean Food 2,25,000/-
• Mr.Khalid Butt 2,00,000/-
• Mrs.Nusrat Shamim 2,00,000/-
• Mrs.Zarmina A.H.Khan 1,50,000/-
• Mrs.Salma Humayun 1,20,000/-
• Mrs.Fareed Anwar Zahid 1,10,000/-
• Dr.Tasnim Raza 90,000/-
• Bhandara Foundation 80,000/-


Health team was comprised of worthy committee members, my health colleagues, both medics and paramedics who remained actively involved through the year.Together we strived heard to bring improvement and progress in the health project.Words are not enough to thank them all.I am obliged to them for their continued efforts to support the cause.

We trust that your continued interest and support will help pursue our endeavors to better the lives of people in need of health care and also bring about improvement in provision of medical facilities at Behbud Complex.


Thank you my team.

Prof.Tasnim A.Raza
Director Health Project
Behbud Association,