Annual Report -2015
Despite difficult times uprooting normal activity of the city, health project at Behbud contained to do its bit in the best possible way to bring fight in the lives of the less fortunate .
The number of those benefitting from the health care, provided at Behbud rose to 82,223 from last year’s number of 62,687.

Current Endeavors-To the already existing disciplines, i.e. medicine , pediatrics , community paediatrics, ENT, Eye Skin diseases, Cardiology, TB, early Breast Cancer , Psychiatric consultation , Gynaeobstritics , Dentistry , Infertility clinic , Rheumatology , Hepatitis clinic and a hospice was added.
There are 15 Hepatitis C patients who are given consultation, diagnostics and treatment, monitored closely by our team of doctors. 10 patients have completely recovered from the disease and are being followed up. Next 10 patients on waiting list are now under treatment . Presently there are 13 more patients on the waiting list. These patients are given best possible care available.
Hospice- for terminally ill patients is established at Behbud Centre where so far 03 patients were admitted. One suffering from Leukemica, other with ‘poly arthritis, absolutely crippled and third one was diagnosed and treated as a case of………………
Rheumatology Clinic is scheduled for Tuesday ,Thursday and Friday .2762 patients were diagnosed, given consultation and treated at the complex.
Dental Clinic took care of 254 patients. Unfortunately our dental sugeon has been constantly replaced one after the other due to family and other problems.
Diagnostics-8676 patients used our diagnostic laboratory facility where 40,931 tests were performed this year .
• No. of patients availing other diagnostic facility was as under:

Ultrasound 1,370
X-Ray 1,622
ECG 146
Audiometery 107
Echocardiography patients were 07 Only
Medical Camps are being organized once a week in Sher Shah Abadi& Shah Jamal KachiAbasies. The patients are given free consultation and Treatment No of beneficiaries attending these camps were 2,129.
Awareness Lectureseare being organized monthly for the last 4 Years. They are well attended, well organized helpful and educational to community.
Future Plan
1. Acquisition of Echocardiography
2. Addition of Surgery O.P.D
3. Upgrading Pathology Laratory with Microbiology Section.
Income & Expenditure-2015

Income 11,932,262
Expenditure 11,305,425
Surplus 626,837


Medicines in kind 14,05,451
Diagnostics 5,73,640